SkilSure competes with the leading providers of e-portfolio solutions and provides all of the useful functionality that they offer with these additions:

  • Automated credit calculator
  • Automated predictive sampling plans
  • Ability to use SkilSure as an LMS by linking learning materials to relevant qualifications
  • More than 30 useful standard reports
  • Integrated e-assessment/testing
  • All this information is stored in a Powerful secure relational database enabling wide-ranging reports to be easily developed.

In addition, SkilSure provides the best customer service and the most attractive commercial terms of any provider in the sector.

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SkilSure’s Quizbase e-assessment technology is fully featured, has a contemporary interface and has the following functionality.

  • Tests can be timed
  • Hints can be enabled
  • Pass mark can be set
  • Number of tries on a test can be set
  • Test taker can bookmark progress
  • Test items can have learning content attached
  • Developer can create banners at the beginning and end of each test upon which to write instructions, purpose of quiz, what to do next, etc.
  • Level of detail on feedback can be specified; options are raw numbers and percent correct/incorrect; a list of all questions on the test with a pass fail indicationlink to relevant learning resource (or not)
  • The default (where QuizBase is provided with SkilSure) is that test outcome details as specified by the training provider are saved as evidence in the learner’s portfolio (viewable by the candidate, assessor and line manager as required)
  • Tests once taken by any learner cannot be altered structurally but fields can be edited.
  • Ten question types are available
  • Different values can be assigned to different questions
  • Questions can be shuffled: i.e. Random presentation of items for each user
  • Questions can be draw from pools
[Corporate Solutions]

Corporate Solutions

SkilSure has a mature thoughtfully developed, fully featured, competency management system that is readily customizable to meet the specific requirements of corporate users.

SkilSure provides companies the benefit of its SkilSure software that is in compliance with national vocational standards and apprentice frameworks but that is customized to fit employers’ IT systems and company specific competency requirements and practices.

Typical customization has included:

  • Automated updates of HRIS data from SkilSure database
  • Familiar user interfaces that are consistent with corporate standards
  • Evidence captured on handheld devices in the workplace and mapped to specific competencies
  • “One touch” evidence capture and assessment by Assessors
  • Company specific “one click” real time reporting for line managers and supervisors
  • Tests of knowledge using integrated on line testing that are automatically scored and presented to a relevant decision maker for review and sign off
  • Skills gap analysis accessible to candidates and company
  • Tracking skills, knowledge and competency at the team and shift level as well as the individual level
  • Using integrated automatically scored tests of underpinning knowledge to measure knowledge of trainees or existing staff completing new skills development
  • Automating control of employee recertification requirements for skills or competence where recertification is a legal or corporate requirement