Accurate, fast, and easy
Your students and apprentices are busy learning. You're busy too. Taking time out of your day to schedule, administer and mark a quiz is better spent elsewhere. Testing with Quizbase® makes things easy for everyone. Your students can launch the test from within Skilsure, from a URL located anywhere, or from an e-learning module by clicking the test icon. Features such as time limits, the ability to link learning resources to questions, and "shuffle" -randomization of questions drawn from a set pool- ensure fairness. Hints can be enabled if someone needs a little help, and the Test Feedback page has several options for displaying results: raw numbers, percentage of correct/incorrect answers, a list of all the questions with pass/fail indicators, and links to relevant learning resources. Need the test in another language? Multilingual versions are available. Our well-structured, and self-scoring testing, will speed up your whole testing process. Tests are automatically scored, and a wide variety of question types can be chosen from a question bank. SkilSure Quizzes are available as a standalone product, "QuizBase®", or integrated into SkilSure.


Question Types:

  • multiple choice single response
  • multiple choice multiple responses
  • Multiple choice with picture display
  • yes/no
  • true/false
  • true/false with picture display
  • scenario with multiple choice
  • sequence
  • drag and drop

Typically, there are four user profiles:

  • Candidate/student: takes the test
  • Supervisor: may password pause and restart test
  • Assessor/Manager: review/assess outcomes
  • Test Admin: makes the test content
When Quizbase is integrated with Skilsure the test outcome details are saved to the student's portfolio where it can be viewed by the assessor and the student. Any test or assessment created with Quizbase can be linked to a QCF qualification or Apprenticeship at the unit or performance criteria level. Quizbase can be run on a standalone basis independent of Skilsure, and is SCORM compliant (capable of writing records of accomplishment to e-learning databases).
Customise to suit you!

Typical customisations include:

  • One-click reporting
  • Integration with existing databases
  • Customised reporting
  • Scaled assessment of competence
  • Upload learning material by learning providers
  • Custom user profiles
Expect this from us!
These are the real benefits you'll experience with Skilsure
Save Money
Capture Evidence
Make Plans
Track Apprentice Progress
Record end assessment
Upload anywhere, anytime
Help your learners succeed
Rest easy, your data is safe
Many useful standard reports (reporting real time data).
User-friendly graphical reports on learner/candidate activity and progress.
Detailed reporting in real time on learner/candidate progress (select up to 15 data-points from a relational database).
Custom reporting available.