Choosing An Eportfolio Provider For UK Apprenticeships
Keep your eye on the prize. It's a cliché for a reason. For apprentices just starting off under the 2017 Apprenticeship scheme, the prize is a long, successful career. That begins with you, their training provider, and the work they'll do during On-Programme assessment. Under the new scheme, culminating as it does in the all-encompassing End Point Assessment, keeping organised records of everything an apprentice achieves while training is more important than ever.
End Point assessment: what should you look out for?
As of this writing, the waters around the End Point Assessment are a little muddy. Everyone is agreed that fairness is essential, and that apprentices and employers should be assured their qualifications meet the standards needed to move the industry forward. What form ensuring these needs are met is up for some debate.
Top 5 apprenticeships
It’s the end of the year and apprenticeships are on the up! What are the hottest apprenticeships? Which employer is running them? has the answer!