Goodbye Paper, Hello Future!

A SkilSure e-Portfolio is our one-stop solution for tracking, assessing and reporting on QCF frameworks from any awarding body that reduces costs and improves the quality of the assessment process. Users report fewer candidate dropouts, more consistent judgments across assessors, and significant administrative time savings.

Price: SkilSure e-portfolio
Price per candidate per framework is £30
Includes at no additional charge:
  • Initial Set up
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Best in class technical support
  • Secure Hosting in a world class facility
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Provision of requested qualifications
  • Implementation support
  • Data integrity assurance
  • Access to development team
A return on your investment in an e-portfolio can be generated in the following ways:
  • Qualitative
  • Reduction in time spent assessing learners; assessors do more assessments per day
  • Reduction in assessor time
  • Reduction in storage space required
  • Increase in assessor learner ratio
  • Reduction in learner drop outs
  • Reduction in frequency of assessor travel and IQA travel
  • IQA and EQA can conduct quality assessments remotely
  • Improved assessment turnaround time
  • Improved student motivation
  • Improved learner communications with Instructor/assessor
  • Improved consistency of quality assessment
  • Cuts out paperwork and storage of paperwork
The ROI varies depending on whether you are an Employer, College or Training Vendor. Please contact us for more information.
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We make the changeover easy

We integrate with your existing data

  • Automated credit calculation
  • Predictive sampling plans
  • Dashboard
  • Existing database integration
  • Integrated Testing
  • Easy to learn
  • Skills Gap Analysis
  • 30+ standard reports
  • Eco Friendly

Streamlined for everyone

How can we help you?

SkilSure makes it quick and easy to track your learners' progress

  • Review & assess evidence
  • Provide useful feedback
  • Store a candidate's learning plans and activities
  • Assign units, and calculate credits
  • Receive notificiations when your candidates submit evidence
  • Communicate with your candidates

As a Candidate with SkilSure, you can:

  • Track your personal progress
  • Identify & address gaps in your skills
  • Access Learning Resources
  • Complete testing online, with SkilSure e-testing
  • Learn at your own pace, when it suits you

Using your QA Account on SkilSure, you can:

  • Receive email verification of assessment activity
  • Access detailed reports with up to 15 data points
  • Be notified of updates of sampling activity & outcomes
  • Utilise predictive sampling plans
  • Easily navigate user friendly progress reports
  • Save time, and maintain QA best practices

Using SkilSure as a centre manager, you can:

  • Reduce staff admin time
  • Reduce paper based waste
  • Automate record keeping, progress reports, & compliance reporting
  • Access live reports, anytime, anywhere
Expect this from us!
These are the real benefits you'll experience with SkilSure
Save Money
Capture Evidence
Review Reports
Increase Retention
Save on Transport
Upload anywhere, anytime
Work Offline
Safe & Secure


Many useful standard reports (reporting real time data).

User-friendly graphical reports on learner/candidate activity and progress.

Detailed reporting in real time on learner/candidate progress (select up to 15 data-points from a relational database).

Custom reporting available.